The Skills to Beautify Your Life Weekly and Let Your Floral Artistry Take Root.

You can make fresh flowers a part of your everyday!

The Skills to Beautify Your Life Weekly and Let Your Floral Artistry Take Root.

You can make fresh flowers a part of your everyday!

Nothing brings to life a room or event quite like the beauty of floral arrangements.

The color. The smell. The wonderful shapes and forms that nature has given us.

The problem is ...

even if you have a beautiful garden, it’s not likely you have your own personal florist on hand.

The problem is ...

even if you have a beautiful garden, it’s not likely you have your own personal florist on hand.

when you’ve tried putting together arrangements ...

with your own blooms or ones from a market, you’ve ended up with broken stems and wilted bouquet dreams.

But professional floral arrangements can get pricey!

(I know because I offer custom luxury floral design to businesses and clients in Los Angeles!)

The fact is, most people love having fresh flowers in their homes ...

but feel like weekly professional-level bouquets and displays are out of budget or beyond their skill-level.

Here's a little truth bomb ...

Surrounding yourself with fresh, beautiful flowers doesn't have to be a once-in-awhile luxury!

Hi, I'm Amy!

Hi, I'm Amy!

I’ve spent over two decades growing my floral design skills and business into a 7-figure operation beyond any of my wildest dreams.

But like a seedling, it all started with a love of floral design and a willingness to learn and practice.

I’ve honed my craft over many years, and want as many people as possible to have the confidence and skills to create standout floral arrangements as part of their everyday.

Work featured in ...

Maybe you can’t have a personal florist on call ...

but you absolutely can pick or purchase fresh flowers to bring nature’s beauty into your home.


"My favorite part about the Bloom Academy is the sense of accomplishment when I finish my arrangement! The videos are enjoyable and so easy to follow! I love the process and the finished product in my house all week long. It was the best quarantine activity that I plan to make a weekly habit from now on!"


weekly floral arrangements are within reach of your little budding green thumb!

Your Invited to become a part of ...

Bloom Academy

A monthly digital membership to make your budding floral artistry take root and bloom right from home!

Perfect for ...

Hobby Florists


The DIy-SPirited

Fresh flower fanatics

Find the confidence to create one-of-a-kind floral arrangements with guidance from a floral expert!


Access to the expert Guidance ...

you need to make your design skills sharper than a pair of floral sheers!

Instantly unlock ...

the tutorial vault including 25 videos and counting (never lack inspiration or instruction to create whatever your bouquet dreams are made of!)

An Abundance of ...

seasonal tutorials to beautify your space for any occasion. (Just wait until you see the festive winter projects or zingy greens to welcome spring!)

One-on-one feedback ...

and advice from an industry expert in our private Facebook community, so your confidence and floral design skills can truly flourish.

Jerriann Fleming

"Amy’s tutorials are upbeat and informative. You learn how to do things like cut flowers properly and you even learn about individual varietals and special care they might need. I have learned so much about flower arranging through this process, and while I am no expert, I do have a lot more confidence when I put things together myself."

Bloom Academy Guarantee

We guarantee that you’ll have fun with our tutorials and nurture your budding floral design hobby! If you decide that Bloom Academy isn’t the right fit for you, you’re able to unsubscribe at any time.

Monthly Academy Curriculum Includes:


Fresh Weekly Tips and Tricks

Whether picking the perfect rose or keeping your hydrangeas happy, each week I’ll provide new tips and tricks for the budding florist.


Access to the Ever-Growing Vault

As long as you’re a member you’ll have full access to over 25 existing tutorials and counting to watch at your own pace.


Monthly Live Zoom Classes

Join me live on Zoom to create in real-time! You’ll receive a supply list and prep sheet ahead of the class and the opportunity to ask me anything about floral design, I’m all yours!


A Private Facebook Community

A place to meet other Bloom Academy Members, share tips, and get more one-on-one advice when you need it!

Plus! You get the Floral Prep Foundations Bundle! (A $250 value)

You’ll also receive access to the tutorials that will help you gain the need-to-know preparation steps to get beautiful results that last.

Bloom Academy

The Best Program for making effortless floral arrangements at home

Fresh Weekly Tips and Tricks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $150)

Access to the Ever-Growing Vault. . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $250)

Monthly Live Zoom Classes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $75)

Private Facebook Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $100)

PLUS! Floral Prep Foundations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $250)

TOTAL VALUE = ($525+ monthly)

Your Price = $47/month


Have questions? Check on some answers below!

Is Bloom Academy beginner-friendly?

Yes! Our tutorials are designed for the skills of any hobbyist or budding florist with a passion for flowers and interest in floral artistry!

I started out just like you, loving florals and no professional background. My passion and commitment to consistent practice and learning are what have made my business what it is today, and what allows me to continue to share that knowledge with other flower fans like you!

What if I cannot attend a Zoom training live?

With a couple kids of my own, I totally get it, sometimes life gets in the way. The Zoom trainings are recorded and will be available in your course area on Thinkific to watch whenever is best for you.

If you come across a challenge or question, you can always pop into our private Facebook group and ask away!

How long do I have access to

Bloom Academy?

You will have access to the full tutorial vault and all new content as long as you remain an active member and as long as the Bloom Academy is offered.

What if Bloom Academy isn’t for me?

While we hope Bloom Academy will spark a life-long passion for all of our members, we realize that isn’t always the case. You are able to unsubscribe from Bloom Academy at any time.

Please understand that processed monthly payments are not eligible for a refund.


"She teaches you so many tips, tricks and ideas for how professional florists put their arrangements together. Amy's videos are very clear and easy to follow. After an hour or so of relaxing as you create your arrangement, you have a beautiful floral display to brighten your home for the next week or more. This is the best silver lining to have come out of the pandemic for me, and has gotten me through some dark days. Thanks Amy!"

Now is the time

This is an opportunity to explore and grow your floral artistry skills. Take it from me, what starts as a hobby could even blossom into so much more!

Don’t go another day without the skills to make beautiful, uplifting floral arrangements a part of your everyday life!

Join now and you’ll be able to get started with the tutorial vault in minutes!